House Brand

Barbed Broaches


Broaches are made of stainless steel for greater strength and flexibility. They are 21 mm long and color coded to ensure proper size selection. Each broach comes in a sterile individual cell pack.

GC America

Coe Comfort

Self-curing, chairside edentulous tissue conditioner used to restore sound form and condition to the underlying tissue. Acting as a cushion to the tissue, a lining of COE-COMFORT allows the denture-bearing tissue to recover and return to a normal,...

Head Bouffant Caps


100% Polyethylene Head Bouffant Caps, Elastic pulls head cover over your head for better fit. These are generously sized and will fit most sized heads. 100/Pack, White, 24”

GC America



Kooliner is a hard, chairside reliner that has been formulated for reduced exothermic heat. This product can completely self-cure in the patient's mouth in approxmately 10 minutes.




Non-gamma 2, zinc-free formulation for improved corrosion resistance. High Copper Single Composition, filing particles for easy handling. Particularly suitable for large restorations. 69.5% silver


Spherodon M


Spherodon M provides excellent stability, enhanced corrosion resistance and reduced ditching. Similar to GS-80. Admix Alloy 4. 5.5% Silver