Durelon CD

Fluoride-releasing, hand-mix luting cement with the liquid packaged in syringe-like calibrated dispensers that deliver the exact doses for increased control. Uses the same powder component as regular Durelon.


Fleck's Zinc Cement


Fleckā€™s Zinc Phosphate Cement is a superior cement that is not matched anywhere on the market. Since the advent of zinc phosphate cement, many other types of cement have been introduced. None, however, has demonstrated clinical superior in terms of...

GC America

Fuji I Cement

For final cementation of crown and bridge restorations. It chemically bonds to tooth structure and metal. For securing inlays, onlays, posts as well as certain orthodontic applications. Low film thickness, biocompatible, high fluoride release.

GC America

Fuji Plus

Resin reinforced multipurpose glass ionomer cement designed for final cementation of metal, porcelain-fused-to-metal and metal free crowns. It is easy to use, has excellent physical properties, sustained fluoride release, and excellent biocompatibility...

GC America

FujiCem 2

Resin-reinforced, self-curing glass monomer cement. Self-adhesive to tooth structure and maintains a tight marginal seal. Releases fluoride to protect against enamel demineralization and decalcifcation. For use on metal, PFMs, resin crowns, bridges,...


Ketac Cem Aplicap

Glass ionomer luting cement with fluoride release. Extremely low film thickness optimzes fit and marginal integrity. Bonds chemically to emamel and dentin. Radiopaque. Convenient and consistent Aplicap capsule delivery system. Requires Aplicap activator...


Ketac Cem Maxicap

Glass ionomer luting cement with fluoride release. Extremely low film thickness optimizes fit and marginal integrity. Bonds chemically to enamel and dentin. Radiopaque. Maxicap capsules (larger than Aplicap) require Maxicap activator (blue base) and...


Maxcem Elite

Self-etch, self-adhesive resin cement. Easy to clean up and can be used with all anterior/posterior ceramics, PFMs and CAD/CAM materials. Efficient self-cure mechanism. Sets up completely in the absence of light. No refrigeration needed.


NX3 Dual-Cure Cement

NX3 is a permanent resin dental cement system with an innovative chemistry for unmatched esthetics, adhesion and great versatility. NX3 cement can be used for all indirect applications, including veneers. Now with an amine free initiator system and...


Polycarboxylate Cement


Used primarily for final cementation of crowns and bridges. This luting cement has good biocompatibility, low film thickness of 13-18 microns and good insulating characteristic. Material of choice for sensitive teeth and for preparations close to the...


RelyX Luting Cement

RelyX Luting Cement offers important resin cement advantage of zero solubility and high fracture toughness. Benefits include sustained fluoride release and chemical adhesion. Easy to mix, load and seat. Fast setting and excess removes easily.