Bonding Systems


Optibond All-in-One


Single component, light-cured, self-etching dental adhesive. Simple one-step process that requires no mixing. Etching, priming, and bonding all-in-one material. Unique nanoetching provides the hightest bond strength to dentin and enamel. Self Etch, 7th...

Ivoclar Vivadent

Monobond Plus


The primer enables users to achieve a strong and durable bond to any dental restorative material because it combines three different functional methacrylates – silane methacrylate, phosphoric methacrylate and sulfide methacrylate. Monobond Plus ensures a...


Ultimate SE Bond


Master-Dent® Ultimate™ SE Bond is a one bottle, light cured, self etching bonding agent that features ease of use and highly durable bonds with reduced procedure times as well as optimal desensitization. Boasting a shear bond strength of 37MPa to dentin...


Optibond XTR


OptiBond™ XTR stands apart with a unique formula to provide both the power and durability of a total-etch adhesive while maintaining the simplified protocol of a self-etch technique. OptiBond XTR's universal compatibility enables use for all direct and...


Ultimate Bond


Master-Dent® Ultimate™ Bond creates a chemical bond between dentin/enamel and all restorative materials. A single, light cured component that does not require mixing. Easy to use. Microleakage is minimized. Secondary caries are reduced. Excellent...


Adper Single Bond Plus


Fifth-Generation single-component adhesive. Improved formulation nanofiller technology provides higher dentin bond stregnths for both direct and indirect restorations. Nanofiller is stable; no shaking required. Total Etch, 5th Generation

Ivoclar Vivadent

Adhese Universal Vivapen

Adhese Universal is a single-component, light-curing universal dental adhesive for direct and indirect bonding procedures that features compatibility with all etching techniques: self-etch, selective-enamel-etch and total-etch. Adhese Universal VivaPen...

GC America


7th Generation adhesive. Etch, prime, and bond in a one-step application. Ideal for bonding light-cured composites, compomers, dual-cured cements, and core buildup materials to tooth structure. Self Etch, 7th Generation




ProLink™ is a single step bonding agent that delivers outstanding shear bonding values to dentin, enamel & all popular light, dual or auto-cure composites. ProLink™ utilizes advanced Colloidal Glass Technology to provide a first class dental adhesive...




New seventh-generation bonding agent has an exclusive chemistry with unique dual adhesive monomers that deliver equal bond strength to enamel and dentin. Self Etch


Adper Prompt L-Pop

One-step, unit dose, self-etch adhesive system with an imporved chemistry for better dentin bond stregnth and performance. Provides a simple, fast, easy-to-use technique that eliminates the need for separate etching, priming, and bonding. Easier...