Universal Composites


Point 4

Universal hybrid composite restorative material suitable for all classes of cavity preparations. Smaller particle size with a high filler load provides both durabilit and polishability. Chameleon like effect makes shading easeir to blend in with adjacent...


Tetric EvoCeram


Tetric EvoCeram is the universal nano-hybrid composite for anterior and posterior restorations that offers outstanding esthetics. The filler technology found in Tetric EvoCeram is based on an optimum blend of different fillers and filler sizes.




ProFil™, is a micro hybrid composite material with advanced Nano Technology, for use in both anterior and posterior restorations. ProFil™ composite resin is the perfect combination of simplicity and exceptional esthetics. It is designed to minimize...



Spherical hybrid composite featuring broad, graduated particle size distribution with a wide range of rounded, specific-sized, 100% zirconia/silica filler particles.


Herculite Ultra

This universal nanohybrid composite uses a resin technology that is strong and durable for posterior restorations and polishable and esthetic for anterior restorations. Excellent material translucency allows chameleon-like restorations to be artfully...


Filtek Supreme Ultra


Revolutionary nanocaomposite able to combine the physical properties of a hybrid composite and the high quality aesthetics of microfill. Optimized shading for virtually undetectable restorations. Outstanding strength for anterior and posterior use.


Herculite XRV


Microhybrid composite filling material suitable for all classes of cavity preparations. Smaller particle size with a high filler load provides both durability and polishability. Chameleon-like effect makes shading easier to blend in with adjacent...



Light-curing universal microfilled composite for anterior and posterior restorations. Polishes to a high gloss; shade stability. Excellent marginal adaptation and durable marginal seal. High stability of shape and durable contact points. High radiopacity...


Tetric EvoFlow

Tetric EvoFlow is characterized by its thixotropic handling. It penetrates into areas that are difficult to reach. Therefore, it is suitable as an initial layer under medium-viscosity composites, such as Tetric EvoCeram. At the same time, however, Tetric...


Beautifil II


Beautifil II has excellent versatility with natural shade reproduction that can be achieved with a chameleon effect, using a single shade that blends well with surrounding teeth making the restoration undetectable. In aesthetically demanding cases...