Brushes & Applicators

House Brand

Micro Applicators


Micro Applicators are ideal for the application of bonding agents, etchants, hemostatic solutions, cavity liners and disclosing solutions. Its bendable neck “stays put” to facilitate the placement of materials into difficult-to-reach areas. ...


Microbrush Applicators


Microbrush applicators feature non-linting, non-absorbent fiber tips and a bendable neck to give dentists maximum control of their procedures. Packaged in convenient, practical tubes for hygienic dispensing, or tray refills designed to fit in the...


Benda Brush


Benda Brushes are economical, multi-purpose applicators, with chemical-resistant fibers that hold up to the harshest dental materials. These brushes can be used to easily place whitening agents, etchants, bonding agents, sealants, desensitizers,...

Hager Worldwide



Quick Tips Disposable Micro Applicators are extremely bendable, non-linting, non-absorbing fiber tips for accurate application of minute amounts of liquids & pastes: cavity lining, etching, bonding, fluoride varnishing, hemostat & disclosing solutions...


Microbrush Plus Applicators


Applicators with nonlinting, nonabsorbent fibers. Applicator head bends and stays put for greater access to all areas. More precise than a brush. Ideal for cavity lining, etching, bonding, etc. Disposable.