Temporary Crown & Bridge


Protemp 4 Plus

Automix bis-acrylic temporary material. Use on crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, veneers and long-term temporization. High fracture resistance and toughness. Smooth, glossy surface requires no polishing or glaze. Easy plaque removal to support gingival...

House Brand

Crown & Bridge T-Mixer Mixing Tips


Tips are high performance, for temporary crowns, bridges and acrylics. Available in 10:1, 4:1 and 1:1 ratios. 100% compatible with current mixing system. Up to 30% reduction of waste material remaining in mixing tip.


Defend Temporary Crown & Bridge


DEFEND Temporary Crown & Bridge is a syringeable bis-acryl composite for chairside provisional restorations. DEFEND Temporary Crown & Bridge is fast and accurate. All are delivered in 76g (50mL) cartridges designed to fit on a 10:1 style automix gun.


Trim II


Trim® II temporary crown and bridge material, is fast-setting, non-irritating PEMA formulated for extended use. The powder and liquid in each kit are identical in formula and the powders can be mixed to obtain specialty shades. The resin is...


TurboTemp 2


Bis-Acrylic composite material for temporary crown & bridge restorations. Low 0.4% shrinkage. True Vita-shade match. Uses DS 50 or DS 74 guns marked 4:1/10:1.


TurboTemp 3

Next generation Turbo Temp, in a 10:1 Bis-Acrylic formulation. Stronger formula with great esthetics and polishability for outstanding provisional restorations. Uses a standard DS 50 or DS 74 dispensing gun, and requires a 10:1 plunger/slider.