Bite Relator 2000


The Bite Relator is perfect for taking posterior impressions. It takes 3 impressions simultaneously : the occlusal relationship, the prepared teeth and the opposing dentition-all the information the dentist needs to fabricate a prosthesis accurately and...

House Brand

Micro Applicators


Micro Applicators are ideal for the application of bonding agents, etchants, hemostatic solutions, cavity liners and disclosing solutions. Its bendable neck “stays put” to facilitate the placement of materials into difficult-to-reach areas. ...


Tac Adhesive


TAC is a tray adhesive compound available in convenient spray cans or brush-on liquid for use with alginate impression materials. TAC securely holds the alginate in the tray when the impression is removed from the patient’s mouth. TAC is alcohol based...


Microbrush Applicators


Microbrush applicators feature non-linting, non-absorbent fiber tips and a bendable neck to give dentists maximum control of their procedures. Packaged in convenient, practical tubes for hygienic dispensing, or tray refills designed to fit in the...

Vista Dental



Sol-u-Flo is ideal for use with a Caries Indicator. The curved cannula allows for optimal entry. The nylon bristle end enables controlled delivery of solution.

Premier Dental

Premier Triple Tray


Designed with very thin, loose webbing that will not distort when patients close their mouths. The superior performance of the tray, combined with today’s very accurate materials, provide you with an ideal impression in an easy technique. Consistently...

House Brand

Tray Cleaner


Alginate Tray Cleaner is an indispensable and efficient cleaner for plastic and metal trays removing stubborn alginate residues. Clinically tested. Easy to use- Just add water and soak impression trays clean. Safe powder formula stores easily.