Evacuation System Cleaners

EPR Industries

Supervac 40 Plus


Latest generation triple Enzyme super concentrated evacuation system cleaner and sanitizer. Powerful, non-foaming formula dissolves organic fluids and debris, deordorizes as it sanitizes. Pleasant scent, mint flavored. Environmentally friendly, neutral...

Premier Dental

Vac Attak


High performance evacuation system cleaner. Organic chlorine formula. Safe, non-corrosive, biodegradable, non foaming.


Citrizyme Enzymatic Cleaner


Dual enzymatic for ultrasonic and evacuation to dissolve protein. Pleasant citrus scent. Noncorrosive, biodegradable, and nonfoaming. Contains a chelating agent to work in hard water and baking soda to aid in deodorizing the bioburden.

EPR Industries



A concentrated evacuation cleaner and sanitizer. Powerful, non-foaming, pleasant scent. Environmentally friendly, neutral ph formula. Safe for use with amalgam separators. Makes 32 gallons.