Premier Dental



Traxodent® has a convenient delivery system with no cumbersome and expensive guns or cartridges – ergonomic disposable syringe and bendable syringe tip provides excellent reach. The sleek syringe with bendable tip permits easy application. Each syringe...

House Brand

Buffered Hemostatic Solution


Plasmaid Buffered Hemostatic is a useful agent aimed at stopping minor gingival bleeding during most common dental procedures. Composed of 25% aluminum chloride this epinephrine-free product is easily absorbed and can be placed directly on tissue to...

Premier Dental

Hemodent Liquid


Hemodent® Liquid is a buffered, aluminum chloride, epinephrine free hemostatic product that effectively stops minor gingival bleeding. This topical hemostatic agent is recommended to arrest bleeding during crown preparations, before impressions are...

Coltene / Whaledent



Compression caps hold retraction cord deep in the sulcus, opening it even wider. Ensures a dry, clean area and a well defined gingival margin. Stops bleeding by compression. 100% cotton.

Vista Dental

Quick-Stat FS


15.5% Ferric Sulfate Hemostatic Gel in convenient prefilled syringes. Provides effective tissue management when completing impressions, restorations and crown and bridge procedures. Thixotropic,

Vista Dental

Quick-Stat FREE


Quick-Stat Free is a non-staining viscous and colorless 25% Aluminum Chloride Clear Hemostatic Gel. It eliminates bleeding without leaving trace residue or staining hard or soft tissue. Recommended for impressions, restorations, crowns and bridge...