Crown Forms


Stainless Steel Pedo Crowns


KTR Crowns are made of the highest quality medical grade stainless steel available, and subjected to stringent quality controls. The result is a high quality, consistent, reliable pediatric crown that ensures effective and efficient use of chair time,...


3M Polycarbonate Crowns

Prefabricated crowns made from polycarbonate resin with microglass fibers for short- or longer-term adult anterior use. Polycarbonate material contours and crimps similar to metal crowns to yield easy adaptation to margins. Universal shade No. 62 can be...


Iso-Form Crowns


Prefabricated crowns made of tin-silver alloy for short-term adult posterior use. Pre-finished, contoured and belled to save placement time. Soft tin-silver alloy retains shape of preparation and is easily stretched and burnished to fit prep margins...