Flowable Composites


Flowable Composite


Repair small defects and fill in cervical gaps. Use to eliminate undercuts prior to taking impressions for composite inlays and to line cavities and fill in difficult to access areas, prior to placing condensable composites. Easy to polish to a high...




StarFlow’s high flow characteristics makes ideal results easy. Sub-micron particle size gives superior polishability and resistance to staining. A leading clinical reviewer showed StarFlow to have the highest compressive strength of any flowable...


Beautifil Flow Plus


Beautifil Flow Plus is the next step in the evolution of restorative materials, combining the convenience of a flowable delivery system with strength and functionality that surpass leading hybrid composites.


Heliomolar Flow


Heliomolar Flow is a flowable microfilled composite for minimally invasive restorations in the anterior and posterior region. When restoring posterior teeth it can be used as the base layer. Easy handling and esthetically pleasing.


Filtek Supreme Ultra Flowable


Flowable restorative based on patented nanotechnology. 55% filler by volume for excellent stregnth and wear resistance. Excellent radiopacity and flow-on-demand handling. No oozing, slumping, or running.