Richmond Dental Co.



SteriPocket® Sponges are individual, pre-sterilized packets of 2 cotton-filled or 2 rayon/poly nonwoven sponges. Dental practices love to hand these to their patients after an extraction. Economical and professionally packaged, dentists can be confident...


Sponges, Cotton Filled


Superior quality with assured economy sponges, made with 100% cotton. For a wide range of dressing, cleaning and prepping procedures. No exposed raw edges - cut edges folded in. Non-Sterile.


Mydent Sponges, Cotton Filled


DEFEND has improved the performance of its cotton filled gauze sponges by adding 20% more cotton. Now more absorbent than before, these pure white, 8 ply sponges are shred-resistant and made of 100% cotton filled USP gauze. The 2 x 2 pads are available...


Mydent Sponges, Non Woven


A great alternative to cotton filled sponges, these are made from a 4-ply, 32 gram rayon/polyester blend which provides for maximum absorbency and little adhesion to wounds. These are soft, smooth, strong, non-linting and non-sterile.