Bonding Agents


Optibond All-in-One


Single component, light-cured, self-etching dental adhesive. Simple one-step process that requires no mixing. Etching, priming, and bonding all-in-one material. Unique nanoetching provides the hightest bond strength to dentin and enamel. Self Etch, 7th...

Ivoclar Vivadent

Monobond Plus


The primer enables users to achieve a strong and durable bond to any dental restorative material because it combines three different functional methacrylates – silane methacrylate, phosphoric methacrylate and sulfide methacrylate. Monobond Plus ensures a...


Ultimate SE Bond


Master-Dent® Ultimate™ SE Bond is a one bottle, light cured, self etching bonding agent that features ease of use and highly durable bonds with reduced procedure times as well as optimal desensitization. Boasting a shear bond strength of 37MPa to dentin...


Optibond XTR


OptiBond™ XTR stands apart with a unique formula to provide both the power and durability of a total-etch adhesive while maintaining the simplified protocol of a self-etch technique. OptiBond XTR's universal compatibility enables use for all direct and...

Vista Dental



Best-Etch is a viscous 37% phosphoric acid etch gel for use on dentin and enamel during dental restorations.


Ultimate Bond


Master-Dent® Ultimate™ Bond creates a chemical bond between dentin/enamel and all restorative materials. A single, light cured component that does not require mixing. Easy to use. Microleakage is minimized. Secondary caries are reduced. Excellent...


Adper Single Bond Plus


Fifth-Generation single-component adhesive. Improved formulation nanofiller technology provides higher dentin bond stregnths for both direct and indirect restorations. Nanofiller is stable; no shaking required. Total Etch, 5th Generation

GC America

GC Cavity Conditioner


GC Cavity Conditioner is an appropriate component product used to condition the bonding surface of the tooth prior to using glass ionomer restoratives, bases, liners or core build up materials. This product should NOT BE USED with GC Fuji I