Advantage Dental

Hemaseal & Cide

Desensitizer with 4% chlorhexidine. Elimination of post-op sensitivity - precluding the need to do remakes. Superior disinfection of preparations. Enhancement and prolongation of bond strength. Reduction of microleakage



MicroPrime desensitizer eliminates post-op sensitivity and discomfort from cervical erosions. Proven HEMA formulation reliably plugs tubules. Compatible with all total-etch bonding systems, cements and amalgam. MicroPrime is now available in two...


Mydent Desensitizer

Defend Desensitizer is a superior desensitizing agent which can be placed under dental cements or temporary, provisional or final restorative materials to reduce postoperative sensitivity. It can also be used for desensitization of amalgam restorations,...